Human singularity, a third world war, scorching deserts, rising seas—it’s all coming for us. The slow grind is already in motion, pushing concrete, bodies, Teslas, skyscrapers, shacks, banks and bitcoin into a collective abyss. Piles of discarded trash will inherit the earth.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next. Is this the end of the world? Who knows. Who cares. Stand by with the rest of us and watch it burn. We’re all guiltless. We’re all blameless.

Born from a love of experimental rock, noise rock, early industrial, sludge, doom, GUILTLESS provides a new soundtrack for watching the world burn.

Members of Intronaut / Generation of Vipers / A Storm of Light / Battle of Mice Contact:

Booking: EU / UK – SWAMP BOOKING – Marie-Liesse Leclère

Billy Graves: Drums
Dan Hawkins: Guitar, noise
Sacha Dunable: Bass
Josh Graham: Guitar, vocals, noise

   Merch Available at Big Cartel